Caulfield Cup Date and Time

We all know the Caulfield Cup date, which has already been officially announced, and it’s the 21 of October 2023, but the official Caulfield Cup start time is still unknown to the public.

Everyone who plans to tune in and watch the exciting race online on streaming platforms or racing channels should first check their time zone and adjust their schedules since there are only around three minutes of race time that might easily be missed. 

Since more races take place on the racetrack that day, Caulfield Cup race times may depend on various factors such as last-minute scratchings, longer breaks between races, horses’ behaviour, and other unpredictable circumstances.

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Caulfield Cup Race Card

The highlight on Caulfield Cup race day is precisely the richest and most exciting of them all – the Caulfield Cup (2400m).

Besides that, a total of 10 races will take place that day, and Caulfield race times are still to be announced by an official body. Come back to this site, and we will inform you what time is the Caulfield Cup, as well as the rest of the races when they are published. 

Still, don’t wait for the official time in order to do your betting research. Check out our Caulfield Cup betting page for all advice on how to place a smart bet, as well as our Caulfield Cup odds and Caulfield Cup tips page to be equipped with all reliable data before the starting whistle.

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What time is the 2023 Caulfield Cup?

Those wondering when is the Caulfield Cup might have to wait a little longer since the precise time of the race hasn’t been officially published still. We know the date, though, which is the 21 of October, and history tells us that the race will be held sometime between 4:30-5:40 pm, depending on your time zone.

When is the Caulfield Cup 2023?

Caulfield Cup 2023 will take place on the Caulfield racecourse on 21 October. The official Caulfield Cup times are still to be announced, and when it is, come back to our site and check it yourself.

How long is the Caulfield Cup?

The distance that horses have to run at the race is 2400 metres, while the Caulfield Cup time of running usually takes around 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

How many races are there on Caulfield Cup Day?

A total of 10 races are scheduled to take place on race day. There is a pausing time of around 40 minutes between the races, but the official Caulfield Cup race times are yet to be determined and officially published.

What time is the first race on Caulfield Cup day?

The Caulfield Cup start time is still unknown and will be announced soon.