Caulfield Cup Odds

Taking place in the middle of October, the Caulfield Cup is undoubtedly the race of the month and the most popular out of the Spring Racing Carnival, which catches the attention of thousands of punters residing in Australia but also around the world. 

It doesn’t really make a difference whether you are a regular punter or just a fan who places bets from time to time – checking the Caulfield Cup odds and predicting horse’s outcomes is surely double the fun. 

Odds for Caulfield Cup are carefully deliberated by expert bookies, and they come as a result of observing lead-up races and their contestants. The final field odds are published after the 12 starters are known, but these can always alter depending on several factors, even hours until the race starts. Typical components influencing odds to fluctuate are late scratching, atypical horse behaviour, unpredictable injuries, and similar factors. 

However, you can start betting when the early Caulfield Cup betting odds are available, which is when there are several nominations that stand as strong contenders for the race. In such cases, prices are usually higher, and your potential payout is more lucrative. 

If you want to get your hands on Caulfield Cup field odds and catch the best possible deals at online bookies, keep reading our article.

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What are the Odds?

Odds present the probability of a certain horse to win, place or perform in a certain way during the race, depending on the market. Caulfield Cup betting odds may be portrayed in several formats, but the most common way is in dollar terms. 

In order to qualify how to read odds, let’s take an example number, such as AU$20. This is a price that will be placed next to a horse on an online betting new site, and it represents how the market perceives the probability of the horse turning out victorious. In order to discover the percentage of the probability, take the number 1 and divide it by the number next to the horse. Afterwards, multiply by 100.  

For instance, this is how some Caulfield Cup winners odds may look like, meaning that the percentage of probability is high, which places the horse among the favourites.

  • 1/ AU$1.40 = 71%
  • 1 / $2 = 50%

Always remember that odds you see at online bookies aren’t definitive, nor do they guarantee a certain payout. Odds Caulfield Cup may distinguish at different bookies and can fluctuate at any time if they aren’t labelled as fixed.

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Caulfield Cup Futures

While waiting for the final Caulfield Cup field odds, punters’ attention is veered towards so-called all-in or futures betting. Being active only several days after the race and the winner’s announcement, early markets are open at several online bookmakers, and bettors can engage in futures betting. 

The advantage of these fixed odds is that they are frequently double digits, and if you are lucky enough, you can bet on the favorutie, which usually comes at the lowest price as race day approaches, and still get a potentially great payout. 

If you are an early bettor, it’s best to think through which bookmaker you will choose and which odds you’ll choose for bet placement. Most of the time, bookies agree on these prices, but who knows, you might find the highest one among all bookies if you dig deeper.

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Caulfield Cup Current Odds

When the field market is first announced, make sure to revisit our OnlineBettingAUS page. We will publish the Caulfield Cup odds for all contenders in the table below.

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Verry ElleegantTBA
Hungry HeartTBA
Young WertherTBA
Floating ArtistTBA
Grand PromenadeTBA
Great HouseTBA
Mr BrightsideTBA
Realm of FlowersTBA
The Chosen OneTBA
Tralee RoseTBA
Explosive JackTBA
Forgot YouTBA
She’s IdeelTBA
Barb RaiderTBA
El PatronessTBA
Elusive ExpressTBA
Harpo MarxTBA
Hasta La WarTBA
Kapalua SunsetTBA
No CompromiseTBA
Cru ClasseTBA
Charms StarTBA
High EmoceanTBA
Ocean BillyTBA
Port Guillaume TBA

Caulfield Cup Odds Comparison

Instead of jumping from one online bookie’s site to another, nowadays, you can use various comparison tools to check the latest odds for Caulfield Cup. 

The comparison tools allow you to catch the best opportunity a site offers by looking into several odds provided by several bookies at the same time. 

Once the field market is determined, come back here to compare the odds and secure the best deal.

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2021 Caulfield Cup Winning Odds (Results)

Incentivise3rd2nd/W    AU$2.3P     –AU$2.3AU$1.35AU$2.3AU$1.35AU$2.3AU$1.35
Nonconformist6th6th3.5LP    AU$9AU$2.9AU$2.9AU$2.9
Persan2nd1st5.25LP    AU$31AU$8AU$8AU$8
Great House7th4th5.55L
She’s Ideel10th10th6.75L
Young Werther9th9th6.95L
Ocean Billy11th11th8.95L
Port Guillaume18th17th9.15L
Master of Wine16th13th10.65L
The Chosen One12th12th11.35L
Explosive Jack13th15th14.6L
Charms Star15th16th17.85L


How do odds work for the Caulfield Cup?

Odds can be displayed in various formats, the most common being the decimal format, for example, 7.00. To calculate their payout, an Aussie punter needs to multiply this number with the amount of money they decide to wager. Consequently, if you wager AU$5 on odds of 7.00, AU$5 x 7.0 = AU$35.

Which horse has the best odds to win the Caulfield Cup?

The latest prices announced on TAB and several other prominent bookies, dating from around the middle of June 2023, place Incentivise as the present favourite. This horse currently pays around AU$9.00.

What were the odds for the Caulfield Cup winner 2021?

The winner of the 2021 Caulfield Cup was Incentivise, which was ridden by Brett Prebble and trained by Peter Moody. The mount got into the race with a price of AU$2.30 and outran Nonconformist and Persan.

What are the highest odds for a Caulfield Cup winner?

The highest ever-known price for a Caulfield Cup winner happened in 1943. Then, the winning horse, Saint Warden, paid an exceptional AU$101.